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Cache and Save V4.5 (September 13, 2014)

MS Internet explorer Addon (Freeware: $0)
Full stand alone CAS (Shareware: $37)

A new version of the program "Cache and Saved" is released September 13, 2014

CAS can be used as stand alone program and as MS Internet Explorer add on. Instants of Web pages, parts of Web pages, can be saved by one mouse click, with user highlighted parts. Thousands of images can be previewed with different speeds and selectively saved. Saved pages can be easily displayed in a parade, tracked, sorted by domains, categories, page marks, saving time .etc. Less important saved pages and links can be temporally hidden. Many Internet web pages (or instants of the same page) can be displayed at the same time. Though marking can be done before saving, you can remove, modify or add some marks in saved pages. For example in a web oriented message board discussion (forum, talkback .etc.), you can mark some parts in some messages or news articles to help you to elaborate your response you can also view all messages. Other special functions, like saving multiple images, caching or saving similar links, are available.

A screenshot (resolution 800x600) is shown below (click on image to enlarge):

MSIE addon: ($0 Freeware - included in any of the following download links)
Full stand alone CAS : ($37 Free to try)
Download (file size = 10.3 MB)

CAS suite including Periscope Program: (both $48 - free to try)
Download (file size = 11.4 MB)
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