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Compare Trees/Folders
Usually the folder of your projects or web pages is compared to a previous copy.
Comparison Options
Comparison can be either binary, line oriented or word oriented.
Binary Comparison
The whole contents of the 2 documents (or selected parts) are compared. You can compare multiple documents.
Unicode Files
Data in binary pane can be displayed in Unicode, ASCII or data Structure side pane
Functions with 0, 1, 2 or 3 arguments
Single or point arguments
Chryptographic, number theoretic functions
Decimal and hexadecimal display.
Calculator Parameters
Constant arguments needed in some functions such as random number range and modulus in modular arithmetic.
Chryptography Structures
You can define a structure such as "Private key BLOB" which contains publickeystruc and rsapubkey sub-structures followed by byte arrays.
Structures Option
Parameters used by "Structure" tools.
Compound Files and Streams
You can view and edit Structured files such as plg, msm, msi, msp, opt, suo, vco, vsmacros, wid, ppt and rpt.
Structured File Stream View/Edit
You can open a storage file (or any of its substrage/streams) as binary document to view, edit, compare .etc.
Data Structure
BYTES, WORDS, DWORDS, int64, FILETIME, CTime, WCHAR, char, arrays, previously defined sub-structures .etc.
File Format
You can define any file format then use it to display files (or parts of files) of the same format
Tree/Folder History
Instances of your project/solution folder can be generated. At any time you can preview file modification history submitting some changes and revoking others.
Folder/File Modifications Timeline
Displays and controls a layout of file modification time in a defined set of folders/drives.